Just a little about us

I purchased my first Chow-Chow in 1993 and fell instantly in love with this Majestic Breed.

In 1996 I started ChowsRus Kennels, and over the years we've bred some wonderful Chow-Chow's. 

Breeding healthy hearty Chow's as close to the Breed standards is our number one goal as well as a good disposition. 

Socializing is one of the major Keys in owning a Chow.

Raised in our home as part of the family all our puppies are handled from the time they are born until the day they leave our home around 8 weeks of age.

We play a noise CD for the puppies on a daily base, so they get used to different sounds as well.

We start potty training our puppies at 4 weeks of age, so by the time they 8 weeks old they are house broken.

Our Chow's don't live in Kennels, our home is divided, so each Chow female has her own domain. We spend equal time with each one of them. The girls that get along get to play in the yard together, our male takes turn with each girl.

We take all of them on walks for exercise.

Breeding our Chow's:

We only breed our girls once every 2nd or 3rd heat, so they have time to recuperate between litters.

Feeding our Chow's:

After a lot of trials and tribulations we are feeding all our Chow's Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Canine Formula with smoked Salmon dry dog food.

While the Puppies are very young they eat Taste of the Wild Puppy Kibbles, by the time the Puppies will be 8 weeks old and weaned they will eat the same food as the adults.

I still cook for my Chow's on Sundays either Chicken, Liver or Gizzards with Spinach and either brown Rice or Oatmeal.

Special Treats include Scrambled Egg, Plain Yogurt and Cottage Cheese.

Training Treats include dried Salmon, Beef Jerky, Liver Biscoti and I cook Beef Liver and Chicken Strips for them.

Once a month they get a C.E.T HEXtra dental Chew (from my Vet).

A Milkbone a day is good for the teeth as well.

Grooming our Chow's:

Weekly brushing is needed to keep a Chow's Coat from matting. Every 6 to 8 weeks they get a bath and thorough brushing.


We are not required to vaccinate any puppy before they leave unless they being shipped. According to my Vet no puppy should be vaccinated before their 8 weeks old.

All our Adults are up to date on all their Vaccinations and physical examinations.

AKC Registered:

All our Chow's are registered with the  AKC (American Kennel Club).

We register each litter with the AKC and each puppy will receive a individual registration form.

Pet quality will be on a limited registration

​Show potential will have full rights.


All payments are final and are non refundable.

Pet puppies are $1600 Show Prospects are $2200

All Pet and Show Prospect deposit Contracts need to be read and signed and submitted with the deposit of half the amount of total cost of puppy.

Sales Contract for Pet and Show Prospects has to be read and signed before puppy can be picked up.

Full Payment is due at 7 weeks of age if puppy will be shipped. If puppy is being picked up full payment is due in cash only at 8 weeks.

All Contracts will be e-mailed to potential new owners.

We are now members of the Redwood Coast Chow Club.

If you are looking for a new Chow-Chow Puppy or Adult do your research not every one is a reputable Breeder.

For info you can always contact the AKC


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